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2.7 inch cup

Number: A01-02712

Size: 6.96x6.96x6.79cm

3-inch teacup

Number: 3105

Size: 7.9cmx7.9cmx6.27cm

2.6 inch cup

Number: 2608

Size: 6.7x6.7x9.0cm

2.9 inch cup

Number: A01-02907

Size: 7.3x7.3x6.9cm

2.5 inch cup

Number: 2504

Size: 6.4x6.4x8.5cm

3.1 inch twill cup

Number: A01-03106

Size: 7.7x7.7x7.2CM

5.2 inch coaster

Number: 35202

Size: 13.3cm x 13.3cm x 2cm

12.1 inch disc with handle

Number: 91236-A

Size: 30.8x23x1.7cm

12.1 inch disc with handle

Number: 91236

Size: 30.8x23x1.7cm

2.7 inch straight cup

Number: A01-02711

Size: 7x7x9.9cm

3.2 inch triangular cup

Number: 3211

Size: 8.85x8.18x11.9cm

3-inch teacup

Number: 03105-A

Size: 7.9x7.9x6.27cm

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